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The Energy Hub

Welcome to The Energy Hub

Your Jonesin’ for Community to Support and Empower You as You Live Your Life to the Max!

About Us

We are a community of motivated individuals who love to learn, grow, spread positivity, and support one another while we do our best to live out our motto: Live Your Life to the Max!

Why Join The Energy Hub?

If you are ready to be surrounded by positivity, shine brightly, and have incredible loving support then this is for you! If you're feeling stressed out, anxious, struggling to love you for you, and you need and want support without judgement, then you found your new home.

The Energy Hub is your home where you can feel safe, comfortable, and allow yourself to just be you. There's 0 judgement and only love and support. When you are here, you're family. You will be surrounded by like-minded, loving, and caring Energizers who are on their own journey and enjoy support others on theirs. 

Inside You'll notice 3 major things!

1) Positivity: Surrounding ourselves with positivity helps us shine bright. Inside the Hub you'll find posts, comments, people, and positive energy that will help you develop and keep a positive and abundant mindset.

2) Growth: One of the joys of being a Human is that we can learn and grow! The Hub offers multiple meditations and calls throughout the month to help you grow and be able to shine your true light!

3)Support: Be surrounded by amazing people who can help you you when you're struggling, celebrate with you when you're winning and help. you achieve your goals by having the accountability offered by the Energizer family!

This Community is here to help you shine bright, feel seen, heard, and felt, and be a resource, along with our Jonesin' for Academy, to learn, grow, and Live Your Life to the Max!

Don't stop, don't wait because it's time to take the reins and create the life you want to live. Join our incredible community that will take you to your next level and beyond!


After almost 2 1/2 years of being here we are pivoting and combining our communities into one so we can better serve you! 

The Energy Hub is now MOVING to a FACEBOOK GROUP! The hope and goal is that we will be on a platform you already use and can more easily connect, participate, and join us for what we're doing!

To join us just head to: and request to join!

The Energy Hub is replacing the 5 Day Positivity Challenge group on Facebook. So if you're already a member of that group, you're already in!

Lastly, the group is PRIVATE! No one can see who's inside or the posts unless they are in the group. And everyone who joins needs to be approved by me or one of the Jonesin' for Team Members. We keep a close eye on the group to make sure there is nothing that makes it not a safe place. Our goal is make it a safe place where you can be you and not worry. 

So again, it would be awesome to have you join us! Just  head to: and request to join!